Polymaths – Episode 15

After a long weekend, where we shoot a little, Ash heads to view a new house and I get ill, we catch up and talk about everything great! Elite: Dangerous is taking Ash's attention at the moment but we discuss the effect that's having on his writing, some photography talk as I want to push my prints to an even larger scale and discuss Pegasus 1 being recorded for Audio release. Oh, and Ash's compound bow STILL hasn't arrived. I'll get mine from Blake before it does! :)

Ash’s first novel, Pegasus 1, is on sale on Amazon, eBook, print and soon to be Audio book too. Get it here in the UK or search for Pegasus 1 if you’re in America.

My Photography Basics | Exposure guide can be found here, too.

As always, please get in touch, you can find us both on twitter @ChrisFrosin, @CalisthenicsUK and Ash’s new twitter of @AFMylak. Feel free to use the Polymath Twitter page of @PolymathCast too!