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NEW 10x 'Bert' Marble Green and Gold Dice

Your beloved ‘Bert’ on ten marble green and gold six sided dice.

These have been carefully picked from the finest Necron living metal from the Sertekh Dynasty and will not let you down when rolled!

Thank you very much for all the support and enthusiasm from you all and make sure you check out the real Bert in chat at Twitch.tv/ChrisFrosin


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Sister Superior Amalia Novena Adeptus Sororitas

Sister Superior Amalia Novena

High quality paint job, based on 32mm base.

This model was painted live on my Twitch channel, Twitch.tv/ChrisFrosin if you're interested in watching the paint process.

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Repotting Kit. 5x Dropper Bottles, Agitation balls and Funnel

Five dropper bottles to repot your paint bottles if needed.

The full kit includes five bottles, five glass agitation balls and a funnel. The bottles are 30ml so perfect for those Games Workshop and P3 pots with enough space left over for a little thinner or some distilled water to thin them if necessary. It is important to use glass agitation balls to keep the paint contamination free, and I’ve included a funnel for those tough to pour paint moments.

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Horus Heresy Mortarion Forgeworld Character Series
285.00 300.00

Horus Heresy Forgeworld Mortarion Character Series.

High quality paint job, based on Forgeworld scenic base which can be removed for gaming.

This model was painted live on my Twitch channel Twitch.tv/ChrisFrosin so you can watch the painting stream there if you’re interested.

Will be shipped out securely packaged and tracked to ensure there is no damage in transit.

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Genestealer Cult Magus

Genestealer Cult Magus

High quality paint job, based ‘floating’ on a desert scheme 32mm base.

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Selection of Basing Slate

Selection of basing slate in various sizes.

The issue I've always had with using slate on your gaming bases is the scale of it. I split my slate down so it's thin, and a more accurate representation of scale for the sizes we use on our bases. As such it simply looks natural and has finer texture to pick out with a simple dry brush.

The bag various sizes for use on different base sizes such as 20mm, 32mm and 40mm and because it's split and thin, weighs much less than you expect, too.

If you're using slate on larger bases, I'd recommend using a few of the 'larger' bits rather than one huge piece of slate, for the same reason of scale.

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Nebula Miniature Holder
from 25.00

Over the last few months I have been working on planning, designing and turning a comfortable and practical miniature holder to give you a stable working environment when painting your models.

The Nebula Miniature Holder is now available.

There are available at the moment (from left to right in the image):

  • Indian Rosewood

  • African Blackwood

  • Olivewood

I have got a little of each type of wood in stock ready to turn any orders and ship out to you as soon as possible. I sometimes do a live Twitch stream making the orders so keep your eyes out for those if you’re interested in how these are made.

South African Korina has been added to the range (if you watch my Twitch Streams you’ll have seen that model holder). Photographs of this will be coming soon to this page.

All holders:

  • hand turned by me

  • hand finished and waxed to give a smooth lustrous finish

  • ergonomically designed to fit your hand giving you finger and thumb free to support the brush hand if needed

  • include two split corks to insert either a pinned model or the slot base

  • felt base for damage free and non slip standing

  • access hole under the rim to remove the cork

At this early stage I appreciate any and all orders and will ship them out on a first come first served basis.

Thank you as always

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