The Revenge of the Wooden Grip

Yes, that's right, it's back.

Nikon F-Body Wood Camera Grip mkII

Well, to be honest it never went away, but I've been so busy with shoots over the last few weeks I haven't had chance to complete my second camera grip.

As some of you will no doubt be aware, last early last year I was shopping around for a Nikon FM2 to add to my Nikon film camera lineup. A firm favourite of anyone and everyone who has shot one and also a firm favourite of a friend of mine in Ohio,

I reached out and asked him if he was interested if I made two. The idea was to make them side by side, and it wouldn't take that much longer.  You can read about the original journey of the camera grip here but suffice to say I got very carried away and only made one.

The second grip started in much the same way but with a few tweaks. I decided to make it a two piece build to speed things up, and also to add a little 'bump' under the lens mount. This was two fold – firstly it matched the 'bump' on the camera and secondly the original grip would tip forward if the camera had anything other than an f-mount blanking cover on it; not ideal.

The process carried on in pretty much exactly the same manner with some little adjustments in the shape, again to speed up the carving process a little, and with a neat oak peg in the right hand corner. I found it looked neater!

All these changes gave the added bonus that Matt's is now even MORE unique and individual.

The scary task of drilling the last hole was done, the one for the screw that mounts the camera on to the grip, and all that was left was the lovely task of oiling it up, and branding my logo in to the base! As my friend John Aldred will tell you, that's not a phrase he's used to hearing from me.

As before, here're all the build steps and processes with the added bonus of some finished photographs I captured afterwards AND you can order your own at my shop!

Very very pleased! Now to go and shoot of roll after roll of HP5!!