How We Spend Our Time

NASA infrared image of the Sun

Ok, so watching Wonders of the Solar System again – this bluray gets a lot of use haha – has really got my science mind going again. I've always had a thirst for scientific knowledge and some of the images and facts you see on this program has awoken my mind to this again. I stumbled on some incredible infrared images of the sun a few years ago and I'm sure everyone has seen the beautiful photo of a sunset viewed at the north pole or the Aurora Borealis. I regularly find myself on the Nasa website looking at their recent images, and indeed, we're living in an age where some incredible high res images are appearing from Cassini and New Horizons.

Seeing these awe inspiring photographs has really made me question where I go and where I WANT to go?! Surely the best use of our time would be going to see some of the most incredible views available on Earth?

There's a volcano in Ethiopia that bubbles lava permanently, a cave in Mexico that has 50 foot crystals, an ice field in Iceland that resembles the surface of Enceladus, Saturn's sixth largest moon and 1/4 million gallons of water flow over the Iguaçu Falls every second.

These staggering sights across the planet must be worth a little of our time?! To come back from a trip saying that you've seen and experienced a crystal clear view of the solar winds reacting with our Earth's magnetic field in a polution free sky, or felt goosebumps at the view over the Grand Canyon at sunset! Maybe this short blog has triggered a child hood memory or ambition in you, the reader, to chase a view or experience you will remember forever.

I didn't get to see the ice lakes in Iceland, but I did get to see the geysers.

Geyser erupting in Iceland – Chris Frosin

Feel free to comment, agree or disagree with me or share some of your own experiences and wishes.

Thanks for reading, and I'll speak to you all again soon.