The 911 Bug

Just recently I've really started having a hankering over the classic 911's. Whether that coincided with seeing the Singer 911's I'm not sure but I've become more and more intrigued. Late last year I reached out on social media to find out if anyone had a cool 911 I could photograph and very soon after Tom at Paul Stephens 911 in Essex reached out and said 'Yes'.

Paul Stephens 911 – Little Maplestead

Yesterday I took a long drive down the A14 to visit and see what cars they had and arrange a day to shoot some.

Firstly, this place is awesome and it certainly did nothing to budge my want for a classic 911. There's some images later to prove this but here's the view that met me as I was shown through their showroom.

550 Spyders, 365's, 911's and Carrera's everywhere!

Greeted with a cup of tea and a fan of my photography, Tom took me round all the cars in the showroom before heading out to look at an insane Porsche RSR in the workshop... check out that rear tyre!


The RSR is a definite shoot that we're organising along with one of their awesome PSAuto Art 911's and I want to organise a sunset shoot with the silver 550 Spyder Chamonix Replica and the Porsche 356 which pretty much stole my heart once I gave it closer inspection.

Desperately beautiful Porsche 550 Spyder Chamonix Replica

Immaculate on the outside, and beautifully clean and worn on the inside, she is just oooozing character from every curve and it totally seduced me. I'm really looking forward to shooting the pair of classics in a few weeks time!

This combination of cleanliness and wear totally seduced me

Thanks to Paul Stephens 911 and especially Tom there, and I'm rather excited to get back down to create some Porsche art! Until then, here's some of the images from their showroom and workshop from yesterday.

Porsche RSR

PSAuto Art Porsche 911

WHAT a view. Just imagine driving that!

And on that note, I shall see you anon