Frame this, frame that, frame everything.

Recently I have been developing my framing skills. I've out sourced some of my framing in the past but it was always a skill I was keen to practice so I could do my own.

Mark and Sam and their awesome VW Polo, and Jack's air ride mk1 Escort Estate have both been framed up recently and I have been very pleased with the outcomes; especially as I'm a self proclaimed perfectionist and always manage to find aspects that I feel I could have done better.

Framing will be even more important as I lean towards slightly more panoramic aspect ratios in my prints. Something to talk about in the future but I love the way the 7:4 or 16:9 ratios look (yes, the Lotus 2+2 below is at a familiar 3:2)

Lotus Elan 2+2 mocked up in it's freshly handmade frame

Ultimately I want to get a lot more of my images printed and available to you all and framing them allows me to have more control over how the finished product looks. These style of frames are a great starting point, but I've been looking at double framing high quality acrylic or aluminised prints in the future.

Imagine this framing a high gloss aluminised print of a Jaguar Low Drag E-Type! 

I'd like to put a few more posts up on the process my Dad and I take from start to finish. If that's something you'd be interested in, let me know but until then I'm going to keep making perfect frames to match my images and putting them up in my web store.

Keep shooting, and I'll see you anon.