Photovember Inspiration

We're only two days in to photovember (which, by the way, makes me chuckle just a little each time I say it in my head) and I've already been inspired to make a change to create a photograph!


Last night Steph dropped this on Instagram (head over to her timeline and drop her a follow!). I can only imagine the warmth it made her feel walking out of a long day at work and seeing this sky peeking over the rural skyline, simply gorgeous. I couldn't help but remember getting up early months ago to catch a sunrise over my uncles farm and as such was inspired to make a change to get up early and capture another.

Todays photo for you is the result of Steph's photograph, and EXACTLY the reason I wanted to start this; a gathering of everyone's worlds shared and inspiring each other to develop our daily creative habit that is so satisfying and rewarding. I have more plans for projects like this but for now, I'm going to stop typing, share my photo from today, and look forward excitedly to what we all create tomorrow.

Thanks again to everyone involved so far, and Steph for the inspirational glimpse in to her world last night.


Sunrise over the fields. #Photovember Day Two

Sunrise over the fields. #Photovember Day Two