This year has been a tough journey. Despite ticking off some rather huge shoots and experiences I have felt like I’ve struggled a lot creatively and haven’t moved forward. A very odd and difficult to control sensation. 

It’s no secret that I am the most excited on and after a photoshoot but having said that I have found it difficult to head out on personal photoshoots. I’ve mostly tried to take a deep breath and get on with shoots, admin, scheduling and the like from day to day but talking to a friend has inspired me to take control.

This is where #Photovember started. I get really excited seeing my friends work, photographs of their trips to work in cities I’ve never been to or their views on their morning walk, and so I had an idea to do Photovember. A challenge to show a part of your world every day throughout November and share it with everyone, to develop a daily habit to create.

If I could do this and make a little community inspiring each other then maybe we can all help each other. Creation is addictive but overcoming the doubt that can come with it is easier with friends, bouncing off each other and knocking down those walls together!

So, for day one of my #Photovember I’m treating you to two photographs I’ve created today! The first a symbolic pair of walls barricading us in and the second...? Well the second just makes me smile. I took it on the way to the village shops to grab a cream cake to go with my cuppa!

Walled in

Walled in



If you want to join in, create a photograph of your world each day and share it out with the #Photovember hashtag and link it to me on any of my social media accounts. I share some of my favourites out each day as well as post my own. 

Look forward to seeing all your photos, there’ve been some gorgeous ones posted already! 

Speak soon!