Chris Frosin

Polymaths – Episode 17

Ash returns to host Polymaths with me this week after my Dad took the challenge last week. We finally sit down with our guitars and Ash bangs out riff after riff, we talk about a change in his writing approach and my photography and wonder what it would be like to direct your own screen play after watching Ex–Machina. And a one way trip to Mars... would you?

Ash’s first novel, Pegasus 1, is on sale on Amazon, eBook, print and soon to be Audio book too. Get it here in the UK or search for Pegasus 1 if you’re in America.

My Photography Basics | Exposure guide can be found here, too.

As always, please get in touch, you can find us both on twitter @ChrisFrosin, @CalisthenicsUK and Ash’s new twitter of @AFMylak. Feel free to use the Polymath Twitter page of @PolymathCast too!