Polymaths – Episode 31

Welcome back to the latest episode of the Polymaths podcast. An interview format episode with another of my talented friends; this time Daniel Bevis, a Senior Knowledge Editor at an advertising company and an automotive journalist who writes for more of the UK car magazines than you can shake a stick at. We delve in to his world and discuss everything from the cars he regrets selling to some of his influences to his writing style. I hope you enjoy the interivew and you can find Dan on social media on Twitter @DenialVibes, instagram @DBizzle_ and his websites SuckSqueezeBangBlow and JuicyPips offer a very entertaining read.

The books we talk about in the episode are:

Douglas Coupland - Generation X

P.G. Wodehouse - PSmith, Journalist

Bill Bryson - At Home, a Short History of Private Life and A Short History of Nearly Everything

As always you can find me everywhere as Chris Frosin and follow Polymaths on twitter @PolymathCast