Polymaths – Episode 11

2015! So a happy new year to all our listeners. We've had a very intriguing and positively life changing Christmas and new year and we're back on it. Today Ash returns from his Christmas trip to Norfolk and we straight away get into some archery, and discuss a very interesting goal setting process that we were invited into by a entrepreneurial friend. Big Polymath plans for 2015!

Ash’s first novel, Pegasus 1, is on sale on Amazon for those of you who have gotten e-readers for Christmas presents. Get it here in the UK or search for Pegasus 1 if you’re in America.

As always, please get in touch, you can find us both on twitter @ChrisFrosin, @CalisthenicsUK and Ash’s new twitter of @AFMylak. Feel free to use the Polymath Twitter page of @PolymathCast too!