A polymath (Greek: πολυμαθής, polymathēs, "having learned much") is a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas. We definitely don't justify expertise, but we do have a wide and diverse field of... intrigue!

After numerous conversations with good friend of mine and author, Ashley Kalym, we finally got down to recording some of them. 

Polymaths is a show where we chat about and discuss anything and everything that we find interesting or fascinating. Over the episodes, we've covered sciences and space, writing, photography, archery and what calculus means in Latin.

We hope you enjoy listening!

Polymath Podcast - Episode One!

Regular readers of this blog will no doubt be familiar with my friend Ashley Kalym. We've worked on a lot of projects over the last few years, the latest being some of his published books. His 'bible' of a book, Complete Calisthenics featured my photography throughout and we tend to spend a lot of time outside work just hanging out and chatting about life. A few of our conversations, combined with me going to see Kevin Smith live this year (who constantly urges people to 'just record a podcast; see what happens') have sparked the subject of recording the chatter. Finally, on 21st October 2014, we both managed to sit down with a cup of tea, pop an iPhone on the table in front of us and hit 'Record'!

Ash is putting the finishing touches to his first novel at the moment, so the talk is predominantly around Space and space exploration for our first recorded episode.

This.... is the resulting noise that was created, saved and shared for all the world to hear and, more likely, purchase ear plugs to avoid hearing again.