From Within The Pages

This is as simple as simple comes. From Within The Pages, is my podcast where I read a chapter or passage from one of the books that I'm reading at that time. I have urged myself to make time to read more and this podcast is my 'accountability' clause. If I don't keep reading then I won't have any regular content to put up, and I would rather that didn't happen.

I hope you enjoy the chapters from the books I read. They will no doubt be wide and varied but will always have struck a chord or excited me in some way.

Episode 1 – Open, Andre Agassi

Welcome to the first episode of a new podcast that I have started. I have made a promise to myself to read more books over the coming year and to hold myself accountable for this habit I am going to record favourite chapters or passages from the books that I'm reading; ones which have captured my imagination, that I've connected with or simply ones that I feel I have to share with you.

First up is OPEN, Andre Agassi's autobiography which I was very surprised and touched to have been bought for Christmas. It's been on my 'to read' list for far too long and as it happens was the perfect book to jolt me in to reading again more regularly. 

It's one of the most gripping tales I've read, partly because of the subject matter being one I'm infinitely interested in but also because of the constant demons that he fought every day. 

You can grab yourself a copy from Amazon here.