From left to right, the Indian Rosewood, African Blackwood and Olivewood Nebula Model Holders

Nebula Miniature Holder
from 25.00

Over the last few months I have been working on planning, designing and turning a comfortable and practical miniature holder to give you a stable working environment when painting your models.

The Nebula Miniature Holder is now available.

There are available at the moment (from left to right in the image):

  • Indian Rosewood

  • African Blackwood

  • Olivewood

I have got a little stock of each type of wood in stock ready to turn any pre-orders and ship out to you over Christmas and New Year before building up a stock of these in 2019.

The African Blackwood is a heavier holder for those who are working on larger or metal miniatures and need a little more weight to balance out the centre of gravity when painting.

Wenge is a wood that I’ll be adding to the range in the next week once that wood arrives, which is another darker wood to match the African Blackwood look but the price point of Rosewood and Olivewood.

All holders:

  • hand turned by me

  • hand finished and waxed to give a smooth lustrous finish

  • ergonomically designed to fit your hand giving you finger and thumb free to support the brush hand if needed

  • include two split corks to insert either a pinned model or the slot base

  • groove around the rim is to retro fit any support systems that you may already have available – this detail will allow me to develop my own in 2019 also.

  • felt base for damage free and non slip standing

  • access hole under the rim to remove the cork

At this early stage I appreciate any and all orders and will ship them out on a first come first served basis over the Christmas break and as we move in to the new year.

Thank you as always

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